Co-Founders Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier created Sorvana to empower people through natural wellness products and help them reach their God-given potential healthwise and financially. With decades of direct selling experience for each of them, Ray and Kevin are committed to Sorvana’s core values and supporting a growing family of Wellness Partners and Customers to reach all their goals for many years to come!

Ray Faltinsky
CEO, President and Co-Founder

When Ray was 15 years old, his Mom was healed of a crippling disease through natural wellness products. This ignited within him a passion for sharing the good news of natural wellness with as many people as he could around the world.

Ray received his Juris Doctorate from Yale Law School, where he began researching the Direct Selling industry. His intensive research over a two-year period resulted in a 50-page thesis on Direct Selling and its viability as an effective means of distributing products and as a home-based business opportunity.

Combining his passion for natural wellness with his interest in direct selling, Ray launched FreeLife International in 1995 and L’dara International in 2013, which combined have achieved well over $1 Billion in sales.

Sorvana represents Ray’s ultimate venture and brings to fruition his great passion for empowering people through natural wellness all around the world!

Kevin Fournier
Chief Field Office and Co-Founder

As a Co-Founder of FreeLife, L’dara and now Sorvana, Kevin has served in many different capacities, ranging from COO to the Corporate Sales Leader and President. He has been instrumental in guiding the Companies to over $1 billion in total sales.

As Sorvana’s Chief Field Officer, Kevin possesses a unique skill set, particularly in terms of organizational development, analytics, and effective communications. He is also the architect of Sorvana’s amazingly generous compensation plan and lives his mission everyday of “Helping people realize their God-given potential!” Kevin received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, with a minor in Business Administration, from Central Connecticut State University.

For more information on Sorvana, please contact Sorvana International at (877) 767-8262.

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