To get in the best shape of your life and be able to share the Sorvana products with passion and excitement, you need to experience the products. We call this being a "product of the products".

To learn about our products, visit our product webpages. For a complete list of our products, Click Here.

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For a quick reference guide of our products, review our Sorvana Product Quick Facts PDF.

Transform your skin and body with our TAIslim Transformation and L'dara Beautiful Skin Contests! Receive free products and prizes just for entering plus the chance to earn up to $2,500!

Sign up on our Auto-Ship Order Program (AO) and receive up to 30% off your product purchases and earn up to 30% back to use toward FREE products!

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Use the 5 Steps to Inviting to create interest with your prospects. 5 Steps PDF.

Get Social! Learn how to use Social Media to share your Sorvana Journey and start building your business. Watch this 4 part series on utilizing Social Media to get moving right away!

Series 1 - Principles that make Social Media a must have for your Sorvana Success

Series 2 - Using Social Media to Create Your Personal Brand

Series 3 - Creating & Sharing Your Story

Series 4 - Finding Success with Social Media Groups

Use the Meet Sorvana video and/or the TAIslim Transformations video, which give a great 3 minute overview of the Sorvana products and business. Perfect tools to create curiosity in your prospects to want to learn more.

Utilize SorvanaVideos to share the Sorvana story with prospects.

The SorvanaPro mobile app is also a great tool to prospect with.

Once someone has shown some initial interest in either the products or the opportunity, utilize these tools to share information in greater detail.

The Sorvana Experience video gives a great 13 minute overview of the Sorvana products and business.

Use the Opportunity flyer for either a one-on-one meeting or even in a home gathering.

Use the Enrollment Options flyer to help a Customer or Wellness Partner enroll properly.

Complete Sorvana’s 3 Steps to Success and you’ll be on your way to a successful start with your Sorvana Business.

Watch the 3 Steps to Success webinar with Co-founder and Chief Field Officer, Kevin Fournier

Click here to download your Trimax Tracker that you can complete as your organization grows and you work to complete Steps 2 and 3 of the TriMax.

Visit the Sorvana Business Center by logging into your Sorvana account and acquainting yourself with all of the reports and tools, training videos and information on how to get paid with Sorvana through Paylutions.

Help new Wellness Partners get started the right way by completing the first 5 activities of Sorvana’s Key Activities to Growing your Sorvana Business.

You succeed by helping others succeed. Duplicate the first 5 activities so your new Wellness Partners are set up to succeed and can get off to a fast start.

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